Mississippi Spirit

The first Shaggy's was open in Pass Christian, Mississippi. It was founded by Ron Ladner, a hometown local. Pass Christian, or "Pass" as known by locals, holds one of the most beautiful harbors in the Gulf of Mexico, and filled with one of the largest shrimp goat fleets. The location along with Ron Ladner's determination and hard work made it the perfect storm for a wonderful restaurant.

Ron Ladner's journey to open the restaurant began in June 2005 when he was approached by a Bait Shop owner in Pass Harbor about selling his Bait shop. Ron Ladner immediately thought about how cool it would be to expand the small shop to a restaurant-key west style. Ron Ladner for the past 6 years had been working non-stop in the software business and wanted to return to his Mississippi roots. Initially the Bait Shop was just a side project of his real estate business and he did not pay attention to it much.

However two months later Katrina hit Pass Christian and not only was the bait shop gone, but homes and close community friends were utterly lost. It was seven months later that the Bait Shop project began again. A simple building was designed, painted bright red, and opened in July of 2007. At the time Ron Ladner thought he was just opening a restaurant, but looking back he sees opening Shaggy's as his efforts to bring joy back into the Pass Christian community after such a tragic loss. Good food always brings people closer and in many ways Shaggy's did that for the community.

Today Shaggy's continues to provide good food as well as giving back to the community. They have multiple restaurants now, including the restaurant in Gulfport, Missouri, but the original recipes that brought a whole community together remains. So for anyone wanting a taste of the Mississippi survival spirit, Shaggy's is a must visit.